YLC's 55th Anniversary Reunion hosted by YLCAF

24 - 27 May


Beach Lake


Today's the day!

55 Reasons to Attend!

When we were nice
When we were naughty!
  1. It’s 55th anniversary, for goodness sake!
  2. Celebrate the 55th
  3. Meet 55 of your YLC alumni.
  4. Experience a WOW YLC activity.
  5. Reflect on our YLC experiences.
  6. Laugh to our hearts’ content
  7. Share hopes for tomorrow.
  8. To network with others
  9. Join in Camp Bowl competition
  10. Create a new vision for our Deaf Youth
  11. Meet Deaf legends
  12. Introduce your spouses/partners
  13. Create new intergenerations
  14. Why not??
  15. To have fun
  16. To have some fireballs
  17. To enjoy fireside chats once again
  18. Play or learn how to play pickleball
  19. Meet your ex-sweethearts
  20. Rekindle with old flames
  21. Find new romances
  22. Learn new skills and interests
  23. Experience teamwork
  24. Make fun of ourselves
  25. Challenge our assumptions
  26. No need to cook for the weekend
  27. Weekends without family
  28. No worry about dress code!
  1. Participate in HSP again
  2. Highlight your accomplishments
  3. Chat around bonfires
  4. Introduce your spouses/partners
  5. Support next generations of YLC alumni
  6. It’s another home to go to
  7. Join the YLCAF family
  8. Meet up on East Coast for a change
  9. Pass it on- share your stories
  10. Share your secrets
  11. Maintain precious alumni moments
  12. Reconnect with old friends
  13. Welcome non-YLCERS
  14. Fond memories through our eyes
  15. Sharing secrets of successful leaders
  16. Get the latest gossip
  17. Come Eat Play Sleep Eat Again
  18. 2029-60th anniversary: Where? Where?
  19. Support YLC for 55 more years
  20. Find out what’s new
  21. Because you still can and because you really want to!
  22. To see and be seen!
  23. Get group photos.
  24. So you can say you were there.
  25. You love reunions!
  26. Life is short.
  27. Have a good “GOODBYE” CRY

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