Leadership & Discovery Club ($1,000 to $2,499)
Anonymous Donor$2,000
Bravin, Philip and Judith$1,000
Conrad, Ray$1,230
Corson, Dr. Harvey & Mary Ann$1,000
Coryell, Judith$1,000
Desrosiers, Shirley $1,000
Desrosiers, Tom$100
Desrosiers, Walter$1,000
Finneran, Michael $1,000
Mather, Susan$1,000
Montiz, Jay (annual YLCAF fundraiser hosted by David Reekers) $1,100
Norman, Jane$1,000
Padden, Carol and her family $2,000
Rarus, Timothy$2,490
Sorensen Communications (reunion sponsor)$1,500
Sprint Communications (reunion sponsor)$1,000
Weiner, Steve$1,250