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The National Association of the Deaf has managed a phenomenally successful Youth Leadership Camp (YLC) program since 1969, and numerous alumni of this program have gone on to become important leaders in the deaf and hard of hearing community. Certain alumni have created a foundation to further promote the YLC program and provide scholarships to enable deaf and hard of hearing youth to attend YLC. The foundation, Youth Leadership Camp Alumni Foundation, YLCAF also plans the 50th anniversary celebration in May 2019. We cannot miss the opportunity to celebrate the important milestone that has profound
effects on those who have had the privilege of attending YLC as camper, staff member and/or guest speaker.

Toward a positive collaboration, this is a request for your endorsement of the reunion through any form of donation. Your support would promote future YLC during the reunion with a rough estimate of between 400 alumni and friends who plan to attend and celebrate. Check out our website: ylcafoundation.org.