Frank Turk’s 90th Birthday Fundraiser


Armato, Dianne
Beckman, Joshua
Benedict, A. Dwight
Bonheyo, Chanel
Bravin, Philip and Judith
Claussen, Roger
Cordano, Roberta
Corderoy du Tiers, Fanny Yeh
Davila, Robert R.
Doremus, Marianna T.
Dunn, Lindsay
Duve, Gene (2020)
Gormley, Joan
Grindrod, Amy
Grossinger, Malcolm
Harbison, Kathryn and Tom
Hatrak, Marla
Holmes, Tanya
Ilkbasaran. Deniz
Kuschmider, Arlene
Lepic, Ryan
Long, David D.
McMahon, June
McMillan, Wilton
Moore, Arthur
Olsen, Elissa
Olsen, Gary W.
Rarus, Timothy
Schmitt, Helena
Schooley, Trina
Scribner-Mnich, Martha
Singleton, Julian and Bernice
Summers, Stephanie (2020)
Skjeveland, Deb
Skjeveland, James
Stoltz, Linda
Sutcliffe, Ronald and Agnes
Turk, Frank R.
Verhoef, Tessa
Vincent, Stephanie Kay
Weiner, Steve
Wood, Sylvia J.
Yeh, Mary

While we are celebrating Thanksgiving holiday with our families and friends this year, there are many reasons to be thankful. In the spirit of giving thanks, Frank Turk turned 90 last September, consider donating in honor of his 90th birthday. Let’s give $90 (or more) to YLCAF in his name. Campaign is still running now through December 31, 2019.

Donate to make a difference for today and future Deaf youth and towards our million-dollar endowment.